Children’s feet are as soft and pliable as rubber
Therefore, they can be forced into shoes which are much too short. Apart from this, their nervous systems are not fully developed, so it can be that children do not find the shoes uncomfortable, even when they are much too small.
Healthy feet need shoes that fit well.
Tests have repeatedly shown that many children wear poorly- fitting shoes (See: results of the Austrian Studies). Sometimes the shoes are as much as 3 sizes too small, that is nearly 2 cm in length.


Poorly- fitting shoes are the main reason for foot damage!
To fit properly, shoes have to be at least 12 mm longer inside than the actual foot. New shoes can have additional “room to grow” of up to 17 mm.
Walking barefoot is best for kids’ feet, because it trains and strengthens the foot’s muscular system. A good, strong muscular foot is the best foundation for healthy, resilient children’s feet.