Orthopaedic Surgeon Christian Klein

Do you need orthopaedic advice on the subject of children’s feet? Mail your question to Christian Klein! He is on the team of the Austrian Project “Children’s Feet- Children’s Shoes”, and often accompanies us at the “Children’s Exhibition Days”.
Dr. Klein is an expert on little feet and also grown-up ones.

Klein_ChristianDR Christian Klein
Orthoepedic and Orthoepedic Surgeon
Ordination : A – 5310 Mondsee, Ludwig Angerergasse 12


plus12med: foot and shoe fitting device for diabetic patients

We regularly hold Measuring Day events for kids’ feet and shoes, usually in cooperation with health care institutions (e.g. national health insurance providers). At these events parents often ask us to measure their shoes as well, and surprisingly, the result is the same: Adults’ shoes are often too short, too. This caught our attention, and during projects in Finland and Great Britain, the special shoe problems faced by diabetics were brought up as well: The combination of reduced sensitivity and poor circulation in the diabetic foot can lead to serious lesions if shoes don’t fit properly. Based on these considerations, we have developed the plus12med: Now adults, especially diabetics, can make sure their shoes fit, too.